I put some of my work here.

I'm known as Kex on:

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I've been on AniList for a good amount of time now. I registered before the MAL incident in March of 2018 and got captivated by the community and friendliness it had almost immediately. I was a lurker at first, but I soon made my first post which made me love the site even more as I got to know people on it.


I've used Steam ever since I was about 5 or 6 years old. It's been my goto platform if I wanted to play games. I mostly play CS:GO on it now though.


I'm a nolife, so I spend most of my time on Discord. I have my own private servers, as well as some other servers that I'm active in. The one I'm most active in is Nico's Coffee. It's a great server and I recommend you to join it too ;)